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How to Become an Effective Public Speaker






About the Course

Beyond a soft skill
Public speaking is more than a soft skill. It is the key to success in any area of life!
A person with poor speaking skills can make a good product or idea look less appealing while a polished speaker can lend Charm to a substandard product or idea.
You can have all the information, facts and figures, but if you don’t know how to compose your information in a clear, compelling and captivating way, you will have a hard time getting people’s attention.
Public Speaking Myths
• Born to speak?
While some people are born with personality traits that make public speaking easier for them, this does not mean that only inherently charismatic or extroverted people can speak in public. Public speaking is skill that can be learnt. Anyone can learn to speak. In fact, to achieve success at anything, you need to put in diligent efforts. This course will help you discover and develop the speaker in you!
• Introverts don’t make good public speakers.
All personality types have something to get better at, although such may vary from personality to personality. Much more than the speech deliver itself, a lot.more goes into public a speaking. Introverts have a strength in making research and focusing on their audience. These would serve as strengths to build their confidence to give the speech flawlessly. If they practice speaking more often, introwrts would get better.**Get out of your comfort zones..
• Great speakers don’t get nervous
Mark Twain famously said, “There are two types of speaker in the world: the nervous and the liar.”
Perhaps when speaking, your mouth dries up, your voice disappears or your stomach becomes a bundle of butterflies, breathe!
Everyone gets nervous! Nervousness is a two-sided weapon. It can be used to put passion in your speech, or it can prevent you from giving the speech. This course would teach you how to reduce nervousness and use it to your advantage!

Towards the end/conclusion
Communication skills are invaluable assets that an individual, business owner or professional can have. More than a temporary feature on your CV, public speaking is a survival skill for regaining your power and using your job potential maximally. Register Now. Take the first step towards being skilled and confident in your field!
Why Learn from CDH?
At CDH, you will not only discover the speaker in you, you will learn the art of persuasion, social intelligence, listening and verbal skills that will help you master every social interaction or networking ability.
Register with us, and you will learn to:
• Make your talk exciting and engaging
• Control speech anxiety
• Speak with confidence
• Assess the audience’s needs
• Get your audience involved

Discover and develop the speaker in you!

Your Instructor

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