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How are your soft skills? Do you need to improve your public speaking skills?

Check out this free course!  

                   7 Tips to Become an Effective Public Speaker

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Where: Teachable online

When: Launch January 1, 2022

Cost: free


Study Skills


Time Management

How to Minimize Procrastination

Stress Management for college students

Critical Thinking Skills

Elevator Pitch

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

FAFSA Tips and Tricks

Reading Skills for College Success

Writing Skills for College Success

Navigating College

Learning Preferences

Personality Preferences

Interacting with your Instructors

Communication Skills in College

Social Media and College

Listening, Remembering & Notetaking

Test Taking

Financial Literacy


Money Management

Basic Online Banking

Career Development

Communication in the Workplace

How to cope with difficult people

Teamwork at work

Collaboration and compromise

Managing stress at work

Interviewing skills

The elevator pitch - why it works!

Career Development - Pathways

Transitioning to the Workplace


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